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Small World

33 out of 38 gamers thought this was helpful

Small World is a cartoon, fantasy version of RISK that’s been adapted for modern day attention spans. Here’s why you should play it:

1) Round Limit – The classic version of RISK is fun, but let’s be honest, how many times can you get it to the table? It’s hard to set aside hours to play a single game. Thankfully, there is Small World. In 30 minutes, you can choose to command multiple forces and conquer your way to small world domination.

2) No Player Elimination – Who wants to sit next to their friends and just watch them play games for hours? I know I don’t. If I’m there, I want to be in the action. In Small World, even if you get knocked down from the very beginning, you are not out of the game, and believe me, you will rise again!

3) Great Mechanics Keep The Flow Alive – Forget the war-game math. Small World makes it easy to process your turns with a height-based conquest system. Do visual math to see how many guys you need to take over a territory. Don’t have enough? Put your current race into decline, take no actions, and next turn, you can choose another brand new force to command!

4) Unique, Modular Abilities – As if the game wasn’t cool enough with its modern day take on RISK, Small World gives each set of troops a unique racial skill and pairs it with an additional ability. One game you can have Dragon Master Dwarves, who earn extra points for conquering mines and can control a dragon to destroy even the most fortified of settlements! Then, the next game you may have Mounted Dwarves that roam the plains.

5) Multiple Boards – Depending on the number of players, you will have a different game board to test your mettle, and the more players, the more conflict!

6) Gorgeous Deluxe Edition – Check out the new Small World Deluxe Edition that just launched. It is beautiful!

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7 Wonders

54 out of 60 gamers thought this was helpful

7 Wonders is one of my all time favorite games, and I will almost never turn down a chance to play. Here’s why:

1) Always Your Turn – The card drafting mechanic puts the game in the hands of every player simultaneously. Everyone makes a decision at the same time, and the flow stays strong. Almost every time I play with a new player I get a question in disbelief: “Is this the last round?”

2) Multiple Ways to Win – Although civilizations are predisposed to collect certain resources and cards, a player can veer off the optimal path and still win. The different strategic options give this game an awesome replayability, and the double-sided player boards only enhance the chance for unique game experiences.

3) Balanced for the Table – Whether you play with 2 or 7 players, the game scales appropriately while maintaining its fast pace.

4) No Reason Not to Play Again – At 30 minutes average game length, 7 Wonders leaves you wanting to go one more every time.

5) Gorgeous Art – Take a long look at the player boards! Aren’t they stunning? I feel like I’m a part of ancient history, and the cards only serve to complement the immersion.

6) Slick Design – The idea of upgrading cards or building on prerequisites can be cumbersome in games, but 7 Wonders does a fantastic job with the concept. The game communicates how it works with simple banners and symbols that feel intuitive and are easy to explain. The only suggestion I would have is to make it easier to understand the science scoring with +7 chips for completing a set (similar to the military victories/losses).

7) Expansions! – After you’ve played 7 Wonders with the Leaders and Cities expansions, there’s no going back. Each expansion adds even deeper levels of strategy to consider, which appeals to my analytic mind. If you’re going to invest time to learn a game, its good to know there’s even more to dive into if you really, really love it!

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