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Android: Netrunner

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Android: Netrunner
Netrunner is a cyberpunk themed card game. This is an asymmetric two player game which means each player has completely different set of actions to perform. One has to assume the role of the corporation and other has to assume the role of the runner, who is a hacker in simpler terms. There are four different kinds of corporation decks to choose from and three different kinds of runner decks. Hence there are twelve possible matchmakings in this game. This shows the versatile nature of the possible gameplay.

How to play:
Primary goal of the game is to score agenda points, the one who score seven wins first. Corporation can score them by advancing the agenda cards. Only corporation decks have agenda cards. On the other hand runner has to score them by stealing them from corporation’s servers which can be possible by making a successful run.
Game starts with five cards each in hand for corporation and runner which can be upgraded. They also get five credits each which is currency in the game. Both have 4 clicks for each turn except corporation must draw a card in his first click. Clicks are a type of resource in the game which can be used depending the player’s role
The corporation will generally install servers (agenda or asset) and protect them with ice. He installs all the cards face down and they remain inactive unless they are rezzed (flipping a card to make it active) by spending required credit cost. He can also utilize his clicks by playing operations which are specific to deck that he chose and can be used to perform different tasks. To advance a card it must be installed first.
Runner can install programs or viruses that can help him to break ice and make his run on servers successful. There is a constraint on how many of programs or viruses he can install and available memory determines it. Initial memory space given is four units which is upgradable. He can also install hardware or resources which can benefit him in different ways. Unlike corporation, runner installs cards by facing them up and they are active from the moment he installs them. He can also play an event similar to corporation which is also specific to the deck he chooses. Main role a runner can play is to run on a server. To make a run successful he should break all the ices that are protecting that server.
One important thing is corporation can see all the installed cards of runner while runner can only see the active cards that are facing up. This is one advantage that corporation has against runner.
There is another way to win the game apart from scoring the agendas but specific to the role. Corporation can win the game if runner hand size becomes zero. On the other hand runner wins if corporation cannot withdraw any card during his turn in other words his R&D deck is empty. So player has to keep these things in mind.
These are the basics on how to play which will definitely be insufficient to play the game. But this will give the insight of the gameplay. It takes some time to understand the game and pick the rules but it’s easy to ramp up. The rule book that they provide along with the game helps a lot.

Runner need to gamble for the most part, he should be good at it. On the other hand corporation need to good at bluffing and setting traps. Runner has to guess the right server that has agenda cards based on corporation moves and corporation should lure runner into servers that doesn’t have agenda cards, called trapping. The most exciting part of the game is when runner makes a run on a server. Runner has no idea whether he is going for fruitful server or a trap.
Player need to build proper strategy based on strengths and weaknesses of his deck and the opponent deck, and also opponent moves. This is what that makes this game very interesting and addictive. A good player knows about all the cards of opponent deck hence knowing its capabilities.
The complexity, asymmetric nature and versatility makes it a great game to play and enjoy. Android: Netrunner is a cleverly built strategy board game which everyone must give a try who likes this genre.

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