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Dominion: Alchemy

42 out of 49 gamers thought this was helpful

If you haven’t played the other Dominion sets, go play them first before trying Alchemy. Otherwise, read on:
I really like the curveballs that the Potion mechanic and the cards in this set add to the game. A lot of people aren’t fans, and I’m not personally sure why. There are two cards in it that I would recommend against playing with: Possession and Philosopher’s Stone. Possession slows the game down a lot, even when playing online, and Philosopher’s Stone requires you to go through your entire deck counting money cards, which an online engine can automate for you, but when playing in person is a PAIN IN THE BUTT.
However, you’ve got cool cards like the Alchemist, Transmute, Familiar, etc., which all add another interesting dynamic to the game.
I do not regret adding this to my collection at all.

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