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Killer Bunnies: Quest – Stainless Steel Booster - Board Game Box Shot

Killer Bunnies: Quest – Stainless Steel Booster

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killer bunnies

Regular bunnies will quiver and quake with the arrival of the Super Bunnies! These bunnies give players die roll advantages, two card plays, and bunny color monopolies! The Stainless Steel Deck adds 55 cards to your existing set, higher level Defense Cards, and just a tad more Cabbage and Water.

Other fantastic cards include: Dated Weapons with a level that depends on the day of the month, Miracle Growth to double your Clovers, Duck Tape which allows you to launch multiple weapons at an opponent, and Happy Scrappy Hero Pup who might just save the day.

Can your bunnies survive the Japanese Rabbit Trap or an attack from Pumpkin Ridge? Use Temporal Flux to escape a treacherous opponent or 1943 to “steel” his cards. This Booster Deck has zeal, it’s quite ideal, and it’s named Stainless Steel.

Killer Bunnies Stainless Steel
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“Steel is a little Rusty”

After reviewing KB Quest recently for the site – I realized that the full potential of the Killer Bunnies game isn’t really realized until you add in many of the expansions.

In this review I will cover KB STAINLESS STEEL- the sixth expansion set to KB Quest.

So if you don’t know how to play Killer Bunnies, I wont explain it now. If you are interested, please read more on its page on this website.

What’s New?
Stainless Steel has two new card types and some new Run Cards. Included in this expansion are…

– 5 Super Bunnies
– New Weapons from a Level 13 “Pumpkin Ridge” to a Level 19 “Sharks WFLB” (i.e. With Frikin’ Laser Beams – ala Austin Powers)
– 2 Dated Weapons
– Higher Powered defense cards (Strengths 13-20)
– And new Run, Special and Very special cards like “Happy Scrappy Hero Pup” and “Where No Bunny Has Gone Before.” And many more.

The game also includes 4 new red card stands, used for Roaming Red cards (Cards that make their way around the Bunny Circle wreaking havoc in their wake.)

Gameplay Effects: (Hmm. New cool cards…)
2 New Card types highlight this expansion. But, there are no new major gameplay mechanics.

Super Bunnies are new bunnies that grant a player 3 cool new advantages.
– First, a Super Bunny counts as a Bunny Triplet, allowing the player to play twice per turn.
– When a player places a Super Bunny in the Bunny Circle, all other Bunnies of the same color in the Bunny Circle are killed.
– And – When a player with the Super Bunny is attacked, they can roll the clear d20 instead of the Black d12.

The first ability is common theme, and besides the Triple Special Bunny from the Violet Expansion, these are the Bunny cards that will allow a “Triplet” with only one Bunny.

The second ability sounds very useful, but in our games, there were very few Bunnies of the same color in the Bunny Circle due to the fact that we were using multiple expansions. So this ability would be only truly effective if you played with the Blue Starter and perhaps one expansion in addition to Twilight White.

The final ability is the most useful, and almost a game breaker – again depending on the expansion used. Many weapons from the first several expansions (Blue, Yellow, Red and Violet) are Level 12 and under. Weapons over Level 12 were introduced in KB Orange. So rolling a d20 instead of a d12 makes success for these lower Level weapons – well a long shot (to coin a phrase).

The other new card type (well, variation), are the Dated Weapons. These simply have a Level equal to the day of the month when you are playing the game. A Player rolls the black d12 and the clear d20 and totals them for dated Weapons.

There are also some fun new Run cards that deserve mentioning.
“Duck Tape” allows a player to combine any number of Level 1-9 Weapons in their hand and launch them at a Bunny. “Earth Below Us” allows a player to roll the Zodiac die, if it’s an Earth Symbol: (Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo) that player can take one Down Card from every opponent. “Happy Scrappy Hero Pup” allows a player to go get any Carrot card that was stolen form another player and “Temporal Flux” allows a player to immediately take the next turn, skipping all players’ turns in between.

Value: (Half the value for full price)
Steel, again is priced around the same as all the previous expansions. But half the cards in this set are valuable only if you are playing with expansions.

Overall Review: (Sigh… another expansion? )
As mentioned above, and as you can probably glean from the cards mentioned above, this set really uses a lot of cards that interact with rules and mechanics from other expansions. The “Earth Below Us” card is great – if you are playing with KB Green.. if not. Well it’s a dead card. (Dead cards bad). “Duck Tape is a good card, but only for Weapons of Level 9 and below – so that means if you ARE playing with expansions, its much more useful. Confused? Don’t be its simple math… Half the cards are useable if you are using expansion sets so it feels like you are getting half the cards for the money. The other half don’t really offer up anything unique – steal a bunny, pump up defense, ya da, ya da, ya da. Its just not that well thought out…The Dated Weapon Cards are a cute idea, but there are only 2 of them, mix them in with the 5 previous expansions (200 + cards) and what are the odd you will draw one…

It has the feel of an expansion where developers listened to what players were missing or asked for to balance the game, and then put them into an expansion, without taking into account new players.

Killer Bunnies and its expansions, the thought and tongue-in cheek-humor that go into them are always creative, and never boring. A lot of the art and humor on the cards make you laugh. I have all the expansions and have played with several combinations of each, at this point, as a fan and a devoted player. You just get to expect a bit more versatile, fluid expansion. This one is disjointed. Steel, in my opinion is a little rusty.


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