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I love this game, however my friends do not. First I’m going to explain why I enjoy this game. Okay so I originally bought this game because of its similarities to Coup and Settlers of Catan. I enjoy games that involve strategy, deception. and large player numbers; this game brings it all. However my friends believe all board games should be fast paced the entire time, not trying to start stuff but I believe it might be due to their short attention spans. Seems to be a reoccurring problem within my generation. Anyway we are in the third round of playing and they start complaining this is taking to long and that they don’t like the game. I was trying to figure out why because I was enjoying the game and was dominating the table. Well all they could say was I don’t know I just don’t like it. So they got up and left the table and start playing some other game. Now I understand not liking a game but I believe you need more than two rounds to decide whether they like it or not. Anyway if your game nights have people that enjoy deception, and strategy this is a game for them, if they don’t like a moderately paced game this is not a game for them, a good game for them is Coup.

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Mansions of Madness, is exactly that it is constant madness from all of the components to the rules and to the extensive amount of time it takes to set up, play, and then put away. First I’d like to start with the components, THERE ARE TO MANY PIECES FOR MoM. Don’t get me wrong I love miniatures, its just the amount of pieces that come for this game are ridiculous. I’ve misplaced so many pieces for this game because there are again too many pieces; there are really small pieces, really big pieces and pieces that just don’t fit right into a storage container. Next lets talk about packaging, the game comes in a nice sturdy box but once you get all the pieces out you have no way of keeping them together, the game doesn’t come with any baggies or containers for the pieces so you must go out and buy them. Third, the rules are a tad over complicated to explain to a group of people, the stories seem to work but getting into the rules of the game are ridiculous. Lastly this gam has very little replay value, once you get through the stories that come with the game you have nothing else to do with the game unless you buy expansions and buy another expansion. So to summarize not enough replay value, to many pieces, not easy to teach, and takes up an enormous amount of time. But besides these flaws somehow I still enjoyed this game.

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My first thoughts of Betrayal, were man there are a lot of parts I hope I don’t loose anything. After playing Betrayal a few times I began to get a good feel for the game and could explain it to those who have never played before, while playing. However if the mood of the group isn’t set from the beginning you’re in for one long ride. Also if you are the only one in the group playing that has played before then you alone are in for a long night, the game is going to draw out your friends will constantly ask you question slowly draining the fun of game from your inner board gaming soul away and you will loose interest in betrayal. So I guess I’m saying if you are willing to invest the time and patience this will be an enjoyable board game for you.

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