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44 out of 55 gamers thought this was helpful

What more do I need to say other than drinking and gambling…….LOVE the theme on this game, the art is pretty good, and the whole concept of getting so drunk that you’ll be tossed out of the tavern is too funny!! And also, what other game can you use the word ‘wench’, haha. Love playing this game, the instructions are easy to learn, the game is easy to play, and everyone has loads of fun playing it!! Definitely recommend playing this game.

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La Granja

46 out of 55 gamers thought this was helpful

Played this game a few times the past week….it’s a good strategy game, and I do like strategy games. Some pluses are that it has good replay ability and the theme is pretty good. The bad is that the art is lacking on the main board, it took about 5 plays to really grasp everything such as the game mechanics, and the instructions took a while to figure out. Another bad, but also good, depending on who has the good ones, are the cards. Some cards in the deck are pretty powerful. So far, the times that me and my friend played, who ever had the better cards for ‘helpers’ ended up winning the game. If you both have good cards for ‘helpers’ then it’ll be a close game, but if not, then it’ll be lopsided.
Will I play this game again, probably just because I really enjoy strategy games, and this one gives you a myriad of avenues for strategy to win the game, but will it ever reach my top 100 list, probably not.

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