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34 out of 47 gamers thought this was helpful

This was my first intro to ‘Euro Games’ and though I’ve played dozens of them this is the greatest. Simple yet different every game. Perfect mechanics and length. Nicely designed board.

Settlers of Catan has several different ways to win. That means that there’s a chance for anyone to change the game – this avoids ‘Monopoly syndrome’ (you know who’s going to win in the first 10 minutes and then the next 4 hours are excruciating.)

Another wonderful feature is that you’re always doing something. On other peoples’ turns, you’re still collecting and trading resources, so you don’t sit waiting.

But my favorite feature is that rather than crushing the other players, you win by trading with them skillfully, and by getting more resources faster than other players. It’s got a nice social and gentle feel about it, but it’s still competitive.

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