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| Release Date: 2017 Q1 (March)
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Fire, Water, Earth, Wind. These four elements have driven mankind’s mythology, philosophy and science for eons. Now, master the power of these primal forces in this easy-to-learn, but deeply strategic game of capture and area control.

Element game
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In Element, players take turns drawing and placing four element stones to encircle opposing sages. Each element has unique properties players can use to block an opponent’s movement.

Feed walls of flame, move raging rivers, raise impenetrable mountain ranges, and even bend Wind to your command. Transform one element into another with the rule of replacement or sacrifice element stones to help your sage avoid capture.

Understanding the subtle, diverse yet powerful nature of the four elements is key to surrounding your opponent and claiming victory!

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Game should be released in 2017 Q1 (March), so watch the news!

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