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62 out of 128 gamers thought this was helpful

I will write this review very short because Dominion is the Base board, card and deck building in my opinion. You can play it much more time.Easy to setup and easy to play.

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50 out of 85 gamers thought this was helpful

It’s a fun game and can replay much time. But, in my opinion it’s has two problem.

1. Mechanic of game is summon and attack but you gain glory? I think it doesn’t make sense and make game so boring.
2. Can’t control. You can’t control the dice. For a player who want to play it serious will upset about this. However it’s a main mechanic of quarriors!

Finally, quarriors! is a family and casual game absolutely!

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7 Wonders

32 out of 89 gamers thought this was helpful

Very funny and quickly learn and play. It can replay many time. 3-7 person is ok but 7 is the best. Because the complicated in scoring and take much time make sometime boring in the game. But overall is very good. If you don’t have one, get it you will like.

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39 out of 106 gamers thought this was helpful

It’s a cool game because of it made form LOTR. Component is great but game play is bad. It’s take too much time too learn rule and gameplay. rulebook contain of 30 pages but it explain didn’t clear at all. Finally it a good game for collector, bad game for LCG player.

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