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Settlers of Catan is a game that is widely known as a modern day gem, with its easy to learn rules, making it accessible to everybody. However, even a person who has just picked up the game can still play with a great amount of strategy because of the way the game was designed.
The goal of the game is to collect ten victory points via the accumulation of Settlements (1 point), Cities (2 points, replaces Settlements), certain Development Cards, and Special Cards (Largest Army and Longest Road both worth 2 points). This also adds to the strategy of the game. If you are surrounded by an enemies buildings, you can still win off of victory point cards and largest army, and ruin your enemies with Knights. If nobody has decided to build near you, you may try to obtain the largest road, and scatter settlements in the best possible areas. One of the best parts about Settlers of Catan is the trading aspect. You can trade with others to gain the cards you need, or you may trade your cards into the bank if you have four of a resource. Trading with the bank can be further improved with the use of ports for 3:1 for anything, or 2:1 of a specific resource. Depending on how the board is generated, and your opponents strategy, there is an infinite amount of replay ability.
Overall, I would say that Settlers of Catan is one the best games you can buy that can be played by avid board game players, or a family member who has only played Monopoly, and both parties will still have a blast, game after game, for a long while.

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