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Small space, packed floor to ceiling with board games and RPGs. Terrific selection, though wargames are underrepresented. My guess is the owner, Phil, knows his core customers very well and they are not wargamers. That being said, Phil is VERY helpful, knowledgeable, and happy to order something if he doesn’t have it in stock. As far as I know, his is the the only store in Pittsburgh that stocks the RPG Degenesis. He has a few tables in the back that he rents out at very reasonable rates. While not set up specifically for miniatures games like Warhammer and Malifaux, these tables are perfect for board games and roleplaying sessions. Phil also recently added a lending library to his store. This is perfect for the gamer who is in the fence about a game. A small rental fee is subtracted from the purchase price if the customer decides to buy it. It’s a nice touch that shows that Phil is always looking to evolve his store to accommodate shifting business models.

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