Games Added (August 31)

Posted by Chris {Avid Gamer} | 31-Aug-17 | 8 comments
Games added to

{R} – User Request

New Releases

Wasteland Express Delivery Service
Pandasaurus Games | 2017

{R} Sagrada
Floodgate Games | 2017

The Lost Expedition
Osprey Games | 2017

Dice Forge
Asmodee North America | 2017

Massive Darkness
Cool Mini Or Not | 2017

{R} Roll Player
Thunderworks Games | 2017

Past Releases

{R} Karmaka
Hemisphere Games | 2016

{R} Epic Card Game
White Wizard Games | 2015

{R} Cacao
Z-Man Games | 2015

{R} The One Ring role-playing game
Cublicle 7 | 2011

{R} Best of Tribond
Patch Products, Tribond Enterprises | 2004

{R} Classic Sorry
Hasbro, Parker Brothers, Winning Moves Games | 1939

Comments (8)

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Mask of Agamemnon
The Gold Heart
Cooperative Game Explorer

Nice games.

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Guardian Angel
Baron / Baroness

@ simonbevan

To add a game to the list of games to be added, go to the Game Requests page and add your game(s).

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Hi all,

How can we add Scrooge The Board Game to the list of new game?


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Book Lover
I play blue

Cool! Got Karmaka for my collection! Love it. I have played it a whole bunch.

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I play blue
El Dorado
Guardian Angel

Another batch of games, awesome! It’s good to see the old classics like Sorry! get on the site.

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North Star Games fan

@Jim. Awesome! Thanks for updating the article.

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Pick a Favorite LGS
Robots on the Line fan
Miniature Painter
I play blue

Thanks!!! This is an awesome list of games. (just got Massive Darkenss in the mail) I updated the article to show which games were requested by users.

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North Star Games fan

This week’s updates include several requests: Karmaka, Epic Card game, Cacao, One Ring, Tribond, Sorry, Sagrada, and Roll Player. The rest of the list include some hot newer games. I hope you enjoy them all.

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