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Posted by Chris {Avid Gamer} | 11-Aug-17 | 10 comments
Games added to

Upcoming Games

First Martians: Adventures on the Red Planet
Portal Games | Release Date: 2017 Q3 (10-4-17)

Recent & Past Releases

Islebound: Metropolis {expansion}
Red Raven Games | Published: 2017

Clank! Sunken Treasures {expansion}
Dire Wolf Digital, Renegade Games Studio | Published: 2017

Firefly Fluxx
Looney Labs | Published: 2016

Firefly: Tall Card
Toy Vault Inc. | Published: 2015

Greenland 2nd Edition
Sierra Madre Games | Published: 2015

Sierra Madre Games | Published: 2015

Rush Hour Shift
ThinkFun | Published: 2015

Set Dice Game
Set Enterprises | Published: 2014

Gravity Maze
ThinkFun | Published: 2014

Firefly: Out to The Black
Toy Vault Inc. | Published: 2013

Asmodee, Queen Games | Published: 2006

Cthulhu 500
Atlas Games | Published: 2004

Starship Catan
Kosmos, Mayfair Games | Published: 2001

Last Frontier: The Vesuvius Incident
Fat Messiah Games, Print and Play Productions | Published: 1993

Comments (10)

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Mask of Agamemnon
The Gold Heart
Cooperative Game Explorer

If I tell some friends to play Neanderthal because it’s their face the game will they be offended? Lol

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Baron / Baroness

@ Taylor and Capt Ron:

Now that I have access to “The List” of games requested by YOU—the users—the best way for you to request games to be added to the site is to use the submission form here.

As previously mentioned, there are currently over 1000 games which you all have requested over time; my wife and I are working to put the list into a sense of order based on when the games were published and other factors to get you guys what you want most.

@ Taylor:

Tiny Epic Quest is currently pending (i.e. – just waiting for Jim to finalize and approve the post) and should be up very soon. TEGalaxies:BtB is something on our horizon.

@ Capt Ron:

Settlers of Canaan is also on our to-do list, but is further down than some other things. I’d have to check on the Memoir ’44 expansion you mentioned.

Please bear with us as we churn through the list.

p.s. –

We’re also trying our best to make sure that new and hot things are being put on as soon as we can, so—as you can see—we have a lot of games to get to.

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Could you add Tiny Epic Quest, Tiny Epic Galaxies Beyond the Black expansion, and Santorini?

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Tide of Iron fan

Please add Khalkhin-Gol Battlemap to the list. It is an expansion for Memoir 44 that came out some months ago. Also, would like to see Settlers of Caanan, a Settlers spin off game.

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Guardian Angel
Baron / Baroness

Just one day later and me and Tiana (she has a name, Jim…) already have 5 more games ready for the next update…


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El Dorado
Guardian Angel

Thanks!!! Keep up the good work!

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Baron / Baroness

@ Runnetib

The best way for you to request a game to be added to the site—now that I have access to “The List”—is to use the Game Request form.

As it currently stands, there are over 1000 distinct games which have been requested, so we’ve got a bit of work ahead of us. Please bear with us as we grind through the list and get them up for you.


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US Army Service

Will you be adding Starfinder to the list?

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North Star Games fan

This is awesome! (says Chris’ wife). I am so excited to see more games. Chris and I are now focusing on the top requested games from all of you, so look for those soon.

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We cannot thank Chris and his wife enough for helping add more games to the site!!

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