Game Updates (April 16)

Posted by Jim {Power Gamer} | 16-Apr-13 | 21 comments

Game Updates on

Upcoming Games

Agent Hunter
Alderac Entertainment Group | 2013

Space Sheep!
Stronghold Games | 2013 Q4

Recently Released

City of Remnants
Make sure and check out the great how to play video.
Plaid Hat Games

Portal Publishing, Z-Man Games

The Lord of the Rings: Dice Building Game
NECA, WizKids

Kings of Air and Steam
Tasty Minstrel Games

Released Before 2012

Samurai Sword
dV Giochi

Space Empires: Close Encounters {Expansion for Space Empires 4X}
GMT Games

Power Grid: The First Sparks
Rio Grande Games

Z-Man Games

Valley Games Inc.


A Victory Lost
Multi-Man Publishing

Chainsaw Warrior
Games Workshop LTD.

Catalyst Game Labs, FASA

Dark Tower
Milton Bradley

Wizards Quest
Avalon Hill

Starship Troopers
Avalon Hill

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@Sir Gamesalot

Thanks for the links; I’ve been wondering whether I could do something more proactive to get games added!

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Old Bones

Nice mix of games. Especially the number of older games that I recognize; none from my collection unfortunately. Just a few more left.

Hoping to try out Kings of Air and Steam soon, though.

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@ Binderman,

I believe the gurus are working very hard to add more games to the site while maintaining pure awesomeness. However, they are likely overwhelmed with a monumental list of games that people requested be added.

To quote a comment posted in The Feedback Zone by Jon, our benevolent site developer, “Thank you for remembering that we’re still in beta. We’ve still got a LOT of fun things planned for the site, but we’re working on a diminishing budget with practically no monetization right now.” So, if you can spare the coin, consider helping the cause by purchasing gems:

That being said, I found the following links in older News posts that will allow users to submit games for addition to the site.

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Still waiting for many games and expansions that seem to be taking a long time to come out. Here are but a few.

1- Crimson Hand expansion for Fortune and Glory
2- Treasure Hunters expansion for Fortune and Glory
3- Forbidden Desert (not yet available in my area)
4- Heroes of Normandie

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I play black

The scary thing is how many of these Yours Truly has never even heard of…

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Unfortunately, I don’t own any of these! Good list though.

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Is it possible to suggest games for inclusion?

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Yes-yes, an update with games that I own! Two even (Jamaica and Space Empires: Close Encounters)!

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Man, nice updates! A lot of these are great for the nostalgia associated with playing them as a kid.

+1 for City of Remnants. This is a great game.

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Cool! Two games from my collection. And a few new titles with potential. Me happy! :D

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Wow! The most games I’ve added to my list in a long time.

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Wow, that’s a nice chunk of older games. Great additions!

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