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“Always follow the setup guide”

There are several steps to the setup, and since it differs slightly from vanilla pandemic, it can be easy to just start playing, but missing something slight. Keeping to the setup guide is a great way to always stay on target without missing something.

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“Tips (no spoilers)”

1. In the Legacy deck there are Stop sign cards. Be sure to read the text on the card. We made the mistake once of just stopping but not reading.

2. The setup phase in games from February and later can take a while (especially if you don’t play often). Don’t get discouraged though, discovering the new details of the game is half the fun and excitement.

3. There are a couple sheets of secret cards labeled A, B, C, etc. that you are instructed to tear off from time to time and read. It’s important that you not only read the card but look at the empty sheet from which you just tore the card. Sometimes there are important instructions printed there as well.

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“Keeping up with the changes...”

Pandemic Legacy: Season 1 is an every evolving game. If you don’t play it at regular intervals, it is easy to forget what changed from the last round. My wife and I played the game on two or three week intervals through “May”. Then we put the game aside for awhile, and we were fairly lost when we played the game again. I think that one or two games every week or two is a good interval. Then I don’t have to spend too much time reviewing the previous month’s additions and changes,

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“Wait! Don't go crazy...”

So, there are places in the rule book which will call for you to open tabs on the game dossiers and place stickers into the rule book—adding rules to the game as it evolves.

While it would seem self-evident (hangs head in shame) it can also be confusing… Therefore, NEVER open any of the tabs on the dossiers until EXPRESSLY INSTRUCTED TO DO SO.

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