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Empty Space Explorers

| Published: 2018

The aim of the game is to travel the universe with your space craft to find a habitable Exoplanet and colonize it. To do this, pick up cards to firstly build your space probe. Your space probe will unveil the universe and you can explore it (watching out for black holes) to discover an Exoplanet. Finally, send a rocket to colonize your Exoplanet to win the game - but watch out, as your opponents will be trying to thwart you and race to victory instead.

Why Empty Space Explorers?

We still don't really know much about what is beyond our solar system and that is the exciting idea behind the Empty Space Explorer universe. At the beginning of the game, the universe is empty until you voyage across it, uncovering cards that may help you or hinder you reach your goal of colonizing an exoplanet.

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