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Settlers of Canaan

| Published: 2002
Settlers of Canaan is a licensed adaptation of Settlers of Catan that incorporates Hebrew Bible themes into its multiplayer board game play. Players play the roles of various tribes of Israel which settled in this geographical region. The game progresses very similarly to the Settlers of Catan: as players expand their settlements throughout the land, they trade resources and make strategic choices to outmaneuver their opponents.

The most striking difference in the Settlers of Canaan is its fixed playing board. Like with many Catan variants, both the hexagonal land tiles and the numerical disks are printed directly on the board. Also, one land tile, called the "copper hex" (equivalent to the "gold hex" in some expansions to Settlers of Catan), allows bordering players to select which resource(s) it produces. Trading ports are scattered along the western coastline, which borders the Great Sea, as well as around the shoreline of the Sea of Galilee, which is surrounded by land tiles.

In Settlers of Canaan, the "robber" is called the "plague." Moving the robber is referred to as "cleansing the plague" from a particular land tile, and it has the same effect as in Settlers of Catan.

The object of the game is to amass 12 victory points. Current scores are indicated by color-coded markers on the eastern side of the playing board. Victory points are earned by building settlements and cities, by building the longest road, by amassing the most priests (equivalent to knights/soldiers in Settlers of Catan), and by obtaining the "King's Blessing."

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