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| Published: 2013
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In Kemet, players each represent an Egyptian tribe and will use the mystical powers of the gods of ancient Egypt – along with their powerful armies – to score points in glorious battles or through invasion of rich territories.

The conquest for the land of Kemet takes place over two phases: Day and Night. During the day, choose an action amongst the nine possible choices provided by your player mat and perform it immediately. Once every player has taken five actions, night falls, with players gathering Prayer Points from their temples, drawing Divine Intervention cards, and determining the turn order before the start of the new day.

As the game progresses, they can use Prayer Points to enroll magical creatures and have them join their troops. In addition to intimidating enemies, these creatures provide special powers!

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Gamer - Level 4
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“Fast, aggressive, strategy combat.”

I had hoped to add a fast war/combat game to my collection and Kemet did not disappoint. This is not a game where you build up armies and defenses. It is not about strategic placement or careful maneuvers. It is about swift acquisition, expendable troops, and valuable territories exchanging hands back and forth every round.
The game is about the fight for control of temples and cities, between competing tribes, along the mouth of the Nile. It takes place in ancient Egypt, each tribe starts with limited resources, seeking favor with their gods.
Instead of having factions with different starting bonuses and abilities, you all start even and build your faction as you go. This is daunting the first time you play as there so many Power Tiles and combinations that can give each tribe powers, bonuses, and call down great mythical beasts to join their troops in combat. These tiles give a simple combat game depth, and a quick game lots of replay value.
Combat uses a combination of the number of troops, Power tile bonuses, Mythical creatures, combat cards, and the occasional Divine intervention card. There’s no luck, but just strategy and a bit of bluffing in using the cards, sometimes accepting a defeat just to do more damage your opponent and strategically retreating.
In the end, the game is about Victory Points and these are not won by plotting or defending strongholds. Victory Points are awarded to the attacker, to those that seize temples and grab the most valuable pyramids (Level 4). The game is meant to be played fast and aggressive, and that is how it is won.
With all the above, the game is also beautiful. The components are well made and figures beautifully detailed. Everything in this game is artistic and thematic.
If you are looking for deep turn by turn strategy, with large armies,and fortresses to defend – this is not for you.
If you are looking for fast play, quick skirmishes, and aggressive, bold moves – this is it.
If you also like the idea of moving mythical creatures across the desert, in a beautifully themed ancient Egyptian setting – then this is also for you.

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My First Heart
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“Fun ancient warfare game!”

This game was a lot of fun!

There were only a couple of ways to get victory points, so you do have to play a bit aggressively.

It’s your call entirely to the magic/abilities you ascribe to. Any/all combinations could get you the victory. It’s replay is pretty good with the various abilities to purchase in game, but they are one shot purchases so you do need to flesh out a strategy.


Pro’s -
Easy setup.
Easy to learn.
Again, iconography and artwork will answer most question at a glance after your first play thru.
Abilities are interesting and provide for more ‘Let’s try this’ on the next play thru.
Moderate time to play, leaving room for a second.

Con’s –
The races don’t really have unique abilities, though they went thru the cost of creating unique race cards. I guess better than nothing though as the artwork was pretty good.


Overall, a fun game with some good artwork.

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“Egyptian Themed Battle Board Game!”

I watched videos of this game and read lots of reviews on Kemet before I even played it the first time. After playing it once I knew I wanted to own this game. Your Egyptian army is battling for temples using resources that you purchase on your turn. Sometimes the rights combos make a world of difference, but then how risky will you be when you attack and try to hold a temple. The various creatures that you can purchase stay with you for the rest of the game and assist you with battles. There’s even a mechanic in the game that helps the player that’s in last place. Really really love this game. The only negative I would have to say about the game is that it can be a long time between turns unless you’re getting attacked, but that does give you time to strategize your upcoming turn. The game pieces are good quality and the creatures look excellent.


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