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Diamond Dig

| Release Date: 2017 Q4
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Diamond Dig is a game where the playing field is created as players lay down cards. Unique pathways are created in every game. The object is to connect a tunnel from your home card to the Diamond card (placed equally far apart from each home). Move your token along your tunnels to grab the Diamond in the center of the playing area, and get back home before others can steal it from you! You get 3 actions per turn, but only two if you’re carrying the Diamond. You’ll have to be quick-witted to get this payload!

Special power cards add an element of insanity to this mix! Throw up walls to stop your opponents! Use bombs to blow up those walls and even the tunnels themselves! Create safe rooms that only you can access, tear through the tunnels at breakneck speed, and rotate the very structure of the caverns around you!

This game is made to be extremely fun and has a high replay value, as each game is vastly different.

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Game should be released in 2017 Q4, so watch the news!

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