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4 out of 18 gamers thought this was helpful

If you love think logicaly like if you are a detective, this is your game!
In the game you will find a lot of different stories, 51 black different stories.
To play you need 2 people, one to reed and one (or more) to try to discover what happened in that story!!
The questions you can do are only the “yes” or “no” ones, and the person who reeds have to awnser. This person can say that that question is not relevant too.
Play it! It’s a good game to have fun when you take a walk with people or when you go to a picnic!

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You won’t know wich characters play with!!!
With this expansion you will get 16 extra characters!!!!!
Then you could play with a lot of variety, because in Miller’s Hollow there will be more differents enemys.
Between de new characters we could find: A witch, three different types of wolves who can kill other wolves or infect people, the brothers, the sisters… and more and more characters.
The characters are impressed in new cards and no in stamps you have to stick like in the expansion “New Moon”.
Another thing you have to know is that with this expansion this game could be played for 27 pleople at the same time! Great for parties!

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With this expansion you get different characters, in the form of an stamp (you stick this stamp on a campesine card in the original version), you you will have 5 different characters!
But the great thing are the events. If you buy this expansion you woud can play events every morning in the game!!! The events are differnt, experitism, another discussion…
I recomend to buy it because it gives the game a lot of differences every time you play, because there are a lot of different events!!! I’ve the game since months ago and I haven’t seen all, and I played many times!
Try it!!!

Go to the The Werewolves of Miller's Hollow page
5 out of 18 gamers thought this was helpful

This game only needs one thing: A lot of people who wants to get fun!!!! This social game don’t need a table, only has cards and you need to talk and have fun!
With the basic edition (this one) you get a lot of characters, but I recomend to buy expansions, with a lot of characters too and cards for differents events!
It’s a cheap game, and I recomend it to you, everytime I do a party my friends and I play!

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