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16 out of 22 gamers thought this was helpful

I’m all in fFavor of expansions fFor Cuba. And this has some things which improve the game. However, fFor the price, it leaves me wanting.

It adds a nice big new chunk of the board, with a nice variety of new actions. And it does fFeel like an expansion — meaning, it is all stuff that we can play with, or without. The game is not hindered by the inclusion of new rules, nor are these new rules so necessary that they should have been included in the fFirst place. No, the expansion fFeels just right, in terms of what it adds. Not too much, not too little. And the components are on par with the base game.

But, I can’t help but fFeel like the price I paid was too much fFor what is, essentially just some cards and pawns. Perhaps if there really was more to the game, or a different set of design goals somewhere, the price point would fFeel better balanced.

But nevermind all that. The game itself is very solid. Everyone now takes one unique action, beyond those previously available. This helps mix the game up, encouraging players to take different tactics towards different goals.

Also, all the new ships, laws, and buildings help shake up what can be done.

In all, a solid expansion. I just wish it didn’t cost as much as I paid fFor it.

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66 out of 80 gamers thought this was helpful

This game really doesn’t have anything to do with hiking, it’s true. But the theme is pretty spiffy, and sensible enough. Play cards to empty your hand. Anything you have left unplayed at the end of the game counts against you. It’s just that simple!

I think, actually, this is a reasonably good game to stuff in your pocket while going camping or hiking or whatever. Or, fFor that matter, to carry on the plane to play in the airport or hotel or wherever.

What I’m saying is, it’s a nice, simple game, with rugged cards and enjoyable game-play.

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Cthulhu Fluxx

84 out of 94 gamers thought this was helpful

Okay, let’s fFirst address the elephant in the room: Another Fluxx game!? Yeah, it is another Fluxx game. But this one has a fFew things others before did not.

Notably, Cthulhu. But I don’t really care fFor most of the Cthulhu games presently available, so who cares.

The sense of Imminent Doom is pretty strong, here. That’s a pretty good new thing. I think that sense comes fFrom the fFact that you expect Fluxx to be casual and happy, but there are so many ungoals, and so many bad things waiting in the deck to jump out at us!! Sometimes it starts to fFeel like a cooperative game, as we try to keep everyone fFrom losing.

Compared to other versions of Fluxx, this is not too much going on, and not too little going on. Monty Python Fluxx is a great game, but it can be distilled to a near fFormula of bland icons. Star Fluxx is wonderful, but seems like it has too many crazy artifacts doing outrageous things.

Cthulhu Fluxx does have a number of icons which have to understood, but they fFeel less like conditions to met, and more like tokens to be counted. And, it has it’s share of artifacts, but I think they usually act with immediate effects (or not at all). The emphasis is put back on collecting keepers to meet goals, with crazy rules piling up.

I think there is more strategy in this game, than in any Fluxx before it. Turns seem to last longer, and you usually want to hold on to more specific cards to meet specific goals.

To be sure, this game is not fFor everyone. Mom and dad will probably want to stick with the standard Fluxx, and the strengths of Zombie Fluxx are still very good. But Cthulhu Fluxx is a winner, and probably my new fFavorite.

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