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37 out of 67 gamers thought this was helpful

This game takes at least a few smart people who know what they’re doing and who can help lead the others in the right direction. The main thing I love about this game is that it’s a co-op game. Everyone works together in order to defeat the viruses. In this aspect it’s a good team building game, but it can also be frustrating if you can’t agree on the correct thing to do at certain points in the game.

The outcome of the game depends on the amount of players, level of difficulty, and the roles that you randomly choose. Me and my friends have won with the highest level of difficulty and some of the best roles only once. We’ve yet to win again and it’s almost discouraging to even try again. Here’s the kicker though, the game is too easy on any other difficulty. Out of about 7 games we’ve won 6 of them on any difficulty lower than the highest.

That being said, the game is a lot of fun to work with your friends in trying to save the world. There are multiple ways to lose the game and they are slowly but surely increasing as the time goes by and more and more infections occur. I will definitely end up buying the expansions because I like the execution of the game, just not the replay-ability of it.

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28 out of 46 gamers thought this was helpful

Once we started a game of The Resistance we never knew that it would tear us all apart. It’s a great game to screw with each others minds. If you’re not on the Resistance, then you’re against them. But who is actually on the right team? You’ll never know. All it takes is one false assumption and the mission will fail. Once that happens you have to start all over again, only to doubt everything you once thought you knew about your ever so trustworthy teammates.

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