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5 out of 6 gamers thought this was helpful

Another great game brought to us from Kickstarter. Cards Against Humanity has been a staple at our house for years. This game is definitely for the 17+ crowd. Those younger or less inclined to make jokes about lewd, crude, and rude topics should stick to Apples to Apples.

This is a great party game best played with about 5-8 people. Any less and it becomes to fast paced. Any more and it tends to drag and people lose focus.

Each expansion, booster, and promotional offering I’ve found to be fantastic additions, including fun pop culture references that just everybody should “get”.

The only downside I’ve found would be replay. After a while, the shock value is diminished due to repeatability. A sad thing that affects many similar games. However, if you change up your group and get fresh, or better yet, new people to the game, it resets everything and hilarity ensues.

All in all, this game is reasonably prices and can be picked up in most brick and mortar stores and also online.

Once thing I’ve noticed about their expansions is that they’ve discontinued the Expansion 1-6 boxes and moved toward three color boxes (Red – Expansions 1-3; Blue – Expansions 4-6; Green – Brand new set of 300 cards).

Here’s their website

I check every month or so to see if they’re running any special promotions, there is usually something over the holidays and during the summer.

Go to the Ticket to Ride page

Ticket to Ride

1 out of 6 gamers thought this was helpful

We love this game as it plays quickly and is different every time. Great introduction to non-traditional board games.

Learning to initially play was a little tough, the rule book wasn’t the clearest. Thankfully, there are great quick Youtube videos that walk you through the gameplay.

I’ve only played with two players so making routes can be a bit difficult when you get blocked, but that only adds more to the fun.

The game itself is well made, will last for last for many a play.

Go to the Risk: Game of Thrones page

Having played many versions of Risk, this one by far is my favorite. With three types of gameplay, two game board maps(one for two players, one for 3-5, and can be combined for up to seven players), there are many ways to enjoy this game.

For a Skirmish(Traditional Risk)game, gone are the days of the 6 hour marathon games (unless you want to). There are mechanics introduced that keep the games shorter and victory determined by points.

For a Dominion Game, thankfully we found the rulebook to be easy to read and we were able to pick up the cadence of the turns very quickly. Games last about the same amount of time but fewer turns as each one is a bit more action packed given the introduction of Objectives, special Maester Cards, and special house abilities.

Apart from traditional risk, it’s a lot of fun playing in Westeros and Essos with familiar characters. The game itself is well made, the boards, cards, tokens, army pieces, are well made and will last many rounds. I also appreciated the rule book encouraging you to establish “house rules” as there are many ways to play, even lending recommendations on how to modify.

My only criticisms are that some parts of the board are difficult to read and that each house doesn’t have a enough pieces. This version of Risk does not have 1/5/10 army pieces, rather 1/3. We find ourselves often using other armies when we play and are well fortified.

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